Reloacting to Hong Kong: English Teaching Jobs in Hong Kong

With the downturn in the western economies many people have looked towards China for career opportunities. Positions abound in major mainland cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. However, there are many negatives to relocating to a foreign country: radical cultural differences, language problems and finding suitable schools for children to name but a few.
Many prefer to relocate to Hong Kong and work in this cross-cultural mix of Western and Chinese cultures where the economy is still thriving but where communicating in English is easy: A large section of the population is fluent in English, cultural differences are relatively minor and there is an abundance of International Schools such as Harrow International School.

Jobs in finance, insurance, financial planning, architecture, law and other professions abound. Have a look in the South China Morning Post Classified Ads where major employers prefer to advertise key positions. There are also many ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching jobs in Hong Kong (HK) and they regularly advertise for teachers and tutors in Hong Kong. Apart from this there are also opportunities for retired legal professionals, lawyers, airline pilots, Human Resources Professionals and police inspectors for Business Soft Skills Training Jobs in Hong Kong (HK).

Overall Hong Kong is a great place to live and work: it is safe, has a convenient transport system, a large selection of housing and a very low rate of personal tax. Its also easy moving over to Hong Kong with Global Relocation Agencies to help you settle in.